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I’ve yet to find a fancy way to describe the way art and my life intersect. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that in the same manner I breathe, eat, sleep, and live, I also art. Turning art into a verb has been the subject in which I create. I practice the occurrence and performance as I would with any other sense. It is natural to me to utilize art as a source of communication, as someone would with words. I draw because I can and I create because it’s what I believe in. These drawings and illustrations represent my practice, patience, naps, meals and true existence. In ever manner, this work is who I am and what I stand to create.



hi friends; i’m excited to announce a personal challenge i’ve kicked off. in light of asteya (the yama representing “non-stealing”; allowing yourself to have the experience / opportunity) and dhriti (the yama representing overcoming fear, challenging yourself to find more). i’ve created a 50 DAY CHALLENGE FOR PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS! my ideal goal is to create 20+ pieces in 50 days and i would love to share this excitement with YOU. please feel free to contact me for any details, questions or feedback. thank you for all your support; you rule!
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    hi friends; i’m excited to announce a personal challenge i’ve kicked off. in light of asteya (the yama representing...
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